$115 (90 mins) – $80 (60 mins) – $50 (30 mins)

Herbal Wisdom provides a range of therapists and massage treatments. We can assist to find you the best practitioner for your needs. Our therapists are trained in Remedial, Deep Tissue / Sports, Relaxation / Swedish, Lymphatic Massage and Ka Huna Massage.

Remedial Massage

A firm massage ideal for treating muscular aches and strains, skeletal problems, back pain and sporting injuries. Specific techniques may include hot stones, cupping, acupressure and stretching.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage penetrates more deeply into the muscular layers, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues. It helps improve flexibility, remove pain, and re-align postural imbalances. It is ideal for those suffering from chronic pain or for anyone who enjoys a firm massage.

Swedish / Relaxation Massage

Most suitable for relieving stress and calming the nervous system. A gentle, soothing massage aimed at promoting relaxation, treating insomnia, and improving blood and lymphatic circulation.

Pregnancy massage

Prenatal massage is the ideal way to alleviate the stress upon you and your baby as the day approaches and can help you to relax and get the sleep you desperately need. Most pregnant women complain of discomfort through the lumbar, hip and thigh region which can be alleviated with the right massage techniques.

Lymphatic drainage massage

This is a gentle massage which thoroughly stimulates and balances the immune system to function optimally. Perfect for people with compromised immune function. Such as:
glandular fever and epstien barr virus, ross river fever, recurrent infections, colds and flus, chronic fatigue syndrome, retaing fluid, sinus infections.

Ka Huna Massage – $120 (90 mins) – $85 (60 mins)

Ka Huna- An ancient rhythmic, flowing massage performed along the body’s energy lines which encourages the release of toxins from the body. This treatment is gently, yet incorporates some powerful stretches, which facilitate the release of any emotions and traumas held within the body.