Peter Birkkjaer

Master Herbalist, Ka Huna Bodyworker – Owner of Herbal Wisdom

“Peter is quirky, unconventional, and multifaceted” Mette Sorenson, Director of High Spirits institute

In 2007, Peter moved to Bangalow and opened Herbal Wisdom. He is now a well-known (and well-loved!) local, with two beautiful children. Passionate about the community here in Bangalow and the surrounding towns, Peter has become a local nutrition and natural medicine ‘guru’ and feels a deep fulfilment supporting his clients and customers to live life to the fullest. His life goal is to continue to share his knowledge with those he meets.

Peter trained as a Master Herbalist at the highly regarded Wildrose College of Natural Healing in Canada under Dr Terry Willard, graduating in 2004 and more recently he studied Raw Nutrition under the world-famous nutrition master, David Wolfe (ask Peter for his super smoothie recipe – you’ll be fan from the first sip!) Peter is also an accomplished Ka Huna Bodyworker and has a growing number of clientele who are happily addicted to this rhythmic, flowing and empowering style of massage.

In his consultations, Peter uses iridology, rayid, pulse and tongue diagnosis to help him determine the overall state of health for the individual. He expertly uses herbs, flower essences, nutrition and intuition to bring upon a shift in health, one step at a time.

Peter has successfully used herbs and nutrition to help hundreds of clients over the years with digestive issues, skin conditions, cardiovascular problems , general dietary advice, hormonal balancing, improving mental states as well as supporting those with HIV and cancer. He is able to work alongside medical professionals to find the best course of healing for an individual.

In a consultation, Peter uses the following modalities to help improve the client’s health:

IRIDOLOGY & RAYID – Iridology is a reading of the iris of the eye and is a tool that reflects the body’s organs and tissue states. Peter uses Iridology to note the strengths and weaknesses of the physical body of the client. Rayid is a reading of the iris of the eye but reflects the emotional state of the body.

HERBAL MEDICINE – Peter uses herbal medicine to help restore and maintain health by keeping the body balanced. He uses Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.

NUTRITION & DIET – Peter is well trained in food nutrition and uses diet as a main basis for good health. Being trained in Chinese and Ayruvedic traditional medicine system allow Peter to devise a diet which is specific to the client’s individual needs and recommends nutritional supplements when dietary intake is inadequate.

SUPERFOODS – Peter is trained in Superfoods and raw food nutrition. These superfoods include medicinal mushrooms, cocoa, spirulina, maca, lucuma, and many more. Also having used numerous herbs himself.

FLOWER ESSENCES – Peter uses the Emotional Flower Essences and the Australian Bush Flower essences in his treatments. Flower essences will shift emotional states that will bring balance to physical, mental and emotional bodies.

THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY – Thought Field Therapy is another tool that he uses which is a gentle technique where tapping sequences are used to release deepen emotions, especially good for phobias, anxiety, and other chronic states.